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About Us

Aarush Diam is one of the leading leaders in Lab Grown Diamonds (CVD and HPHT). Aarush Diam family has been in the industry for a long time and is eminent for consolidating ageless craftsmanship.

We have been in the Lab-Grown Diamond industry for over 5 years and we specialize in Loose Certified Lab Grown Diamonds (GIA and IGI) from 0.30 Carats to 10 Carats and more persisting Certified Stones which alongside Rounds, contains blend of shapes too including Ovals, Pears, Cushions, Emeralds, Radiants, Asscher, Princess, Marquise, and Heart. We carry over 15k Certified Stones which includes GIAs, IGIs, and GCAL. We also carry Non Certified Lab Grown Diamonds from -2 Seive to ¼ Parcels.

We have an exceptionally solid client base with B2B organizations in the USA, Europe and Australia. We also supply to leading online and offline retailers all over the world.
We think that lab-grown diamonds are the way of the future, and we have committed our whole capability to it.