Our luxury jewelry range comprises of exclusive pieces which involve a high standard of craftsmenship and have an international appeal. These items are manufactured using the highest quality diamonds. They are designed with a unique creative disposition, exuding pure luxury and finesse. From scintillating earrings to diamond rippled neckpieces, from stunning rings to delicate bracelets – each creation is a masterpiece to behold.

Our mid-range jewelry collection features baubles that can
be worn everyday. They are popular designs and reflect the
latest trends and can be adorned for any kind of occasion.
Made for those with a stylish bent of mind, these items are
usually priced between 100€ and 500€ per piece.

Our affordable range jewelry showcases remarkable designs
that usually fall under the mass production category.
We have an extensive portfolio of such designs, and are
producing these pieces for numerous companies all over
the world. These items are usually priced between 20€ and
100€ per piece.

Our silver and diamond jewelry collection highlights an exquisite range of diamond studded silver jewelry. To ensure a good price/quality balance, we use single-cut diamonds for this range. These items are usually priced under 100€ per piece.
We carry a small range of fashion jewelry which can be customized to be manufactured with swarovski stones. These items usualitems usually start from as low as 2€ per piece.ly start from as low as 2€ per piece.
By combining the craftsmanship of fine jewelry with the ability to customize, our in-house designers can also work with you to create jewelry according to your company’s designs.